Quoted from a sign posted in front of the Marine Scout Sniper School in Quantico, VA.

"The average rounds expended per kill with the M-16 in Vietnam was 50,000. Snipers averaged 1.3 rounds. The cost difference was $2,300 v. 27 cents."

I believe precision factory loaded target rifle shooting ammunition, is more expensive. (Somewhere in the order of 45-74 Aussie cents) I would have thought snipers would use even higher grade ammunition...

Also, I doubt this noted efficiency of professional snipers:-

Despite what most people think, government snipers are not as good as depicted in movies. (Surprise!)

I was personally informed, that at the place where my former school performed target rifle shooting, some snipers came in a helicopter (I think that wasn't completely accurate) and commenced training. They supposedly were getting magpie-threes, and outter-twos.

To contrast, at my last trainings at that school I averaged approximately 99%. ie. Successive stages (of 10 shots) alternated between 50 (MPS - Maximum Possible Score aka. a possible) and 49. ie. One in every 20 shots was an inner-four... compare to these guys getting magpie-threes, and outter-twos.

Target rifle shooting is very competitive at the upper levels, and in the real pro competitons you have to get possible after possible... one shot where you're not sure about the wind could mean an inner-four, and one inner-four is all it takes to drop out of the top 50 board for a multi-day competition! Very competitive indeed!

Target Rifle Shooting...

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