"97p? For four cans of lager? I'm sold!"

Tesco Bitter Lager is perfect for those occasions when you simply must have beer, no matter what the price or alcohol content. In fact, the price is the main selling point-typically one quarter of what you would pay for one can of Budweiser.

It's a refreshing brew that actually doesn't taste too bad, though at 2.2% you have little to no chance of getting drunk on these within human limits of consumption. As above, 97 pence for four 440ml cans of beer is a ridiculously low price, matched by a ridiculously low alcohol content. However, you can easily balance this out by adding, say, a capful of vodka, which won't affect the taste too much and yet will enable you to get slightly more drunk.

Still, the price! For a tenner you could get 40 cans of lager, which plus a bottle of vodka equals some serious bad behaviour. And IMHO the cans look quite damn stylish :)
Overzealous pipelinker at work

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