Ah. I love Easter. The time when stores are full of chocolate. Even more than Valentine's Day!

Here is a delicious little treat. Cousin to the "whack & unwrap" chocolate orange, this is an orange-flavored chocolate that fragments into easily eaten wedges, just the thing for sharing. That is, if you're really generous.

The box is blue and has a window in the front, as many Easter treats do, from which to view the foil-wrapped shape of the egg itself. The foil is a collage of red, orange, and golden triangles which covers the chocolate. I could eat the whole egg at once, but I will open it when around friends and family so that, in sharing, I can more easily resist making a pig of myself.


milk chocolate (sugar, skim milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, cream, soy, lecithin, vanilin {an artificial flavor}), orange oil
Upon the back of the box is the legend:
In 1767,Terry's of York first created their fine European confectionconfections under the Reign of King George III.

As monarchs changed so too did Terry's, creating the original WHACK & UNWRAP™ Chocolate Orange in 1932 under the scepter of King George V.

Now, in keeping with such tradition, Terry's of York presents the first WHACK & UNWRAP™ Chocolate Egg.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 5 pieces (44g)
Servings Per Container 4

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