Spoon River Anthology
Edgar Lee Masters

Marie Bateson << --- >> Plymouth Rock Joe

Tennessee Claflin Shope

I WAS the laughing-stock of the village,
Chiefly of the people of good sense, as they call themselves --
Also of the learned, like Rev. Peet, who read Greek
The same as English.
For instead of talking free trade,
Or preaching some form of baptism;
Instead of believing in the efficacy
Of walking cracks, picking up pins the right way,
Seeing the new moon over the right shoulder,
Or curing rheumatism with blue glass,
I asserted the sovereignty of my own soul.
Before Mary Baker G. Eddy even got started
With what she called science
I had mastered the "Bhagavad Gita," And cured my soul, before Mary
Began to cure bodies with souls --
Peace to all worlds!

Source: Project Gutenberg

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