Spanish grape variety . Wines made from it (as a single variety) are characterised by heavy, spicy, fruity (wild strawberry) flavours often reminiscent of tobacco, in particular cigars, often blended with oaky overtones

Tempranillo is an ingredient in Rioja, Valdepeñas, La Mancha, Toro and Navarra wines from Spain, and Douro and Dão from Portugal.

WARNING! This is a wine that needs to breathe. Try drinking it straight after you've opened it and your mouth will taste like an ashtray. Leave it and the flavours will develop rich, spicy characteristics.

Laid back Spanish wine induces feeling of same amongst those who consume it. Tempranillo makes me think of Pico Iyer and Bhutan. And the woman with whom I had the best sex with ever, in Tarifa. Drunk from a proper red wine glass, Tom Waits getting cranked in the subconcious; its a great path around the blues.

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