Tell me what happened Billy. 

It was a man. He was really tall, tall as the sky. He had dark hair. And glasses. He looked kinda like my dad

Tell me about the car

It was black. Long, like the kind they use for funerals

What happened Billy. 

School was out, I was waiting for the bus. The man pulled up and there was a dog in the car with him. A yellow dog, with a red collar. The dog said, Get in

Where did you go, where did he take you Billy. 

We drove for a long time, and we stopped at a house all by itself in the woods. It looked like a house where monsters would live. 

Tell me about the inside, Billy. Inside the house. 

It was bright, like when somebody lights a sparkler. There were mirrors everywhere, on the walls and the floors

Tell me what happened Billy. 

The man said, Close your eyes, and he took my hand and took me down to the basement. And he said, Okay, open

What did you see there Billy. 

Coffins. Little white coffins. Like little boy sized.

And what happened then Billy. 

He was standing, behind me and he put his hand…he touched me, down there…he said he would take me to Astroworld and I could ride any ride I wanted as much as I wanted, if I touched him down there. If I didn’t… 

If you didn’t, what would happen Billy. 

He said, If you don’t…, and he pointed at the coffins. 

So you did. 

Yes ma’am. 

Tell me what happened next. 

We drove to Astroworld. I rode the Galaxy, and the Enterprise, twice. I got a hot dog and a jumbo pretzel and pink lemonade. Then we drove back home. 

Billy, tell me again what he looked like. 

Um…he was... I didn’t really get a good look at him…kinda like my dad, I guess… 

Do you get along with your dad, Billy. 

Yes, ma’am. Sort of. 

What does that mean, tell me what “sort of” means, Billy. 

They fight a lot. My mom and dad, I mean. But after they make up, and they’re all lovey-dovey again, then they start in on me. Ma’am? 

Yes Billy. 

What happens to people who…do stuff like— 

Like what happened to you Billy. 

Yes ma’am. 

They go away. For a very long time. 



Yes ma’am. 

I’m going to ask you something. And I want you to tell me the truth. Has your dad ever touched you like the man in the black car did. 



Has he. 

For a very long time? 

Yes Billy. They go away, for a long, long time. 

…yeah…I mean, Yes, ma’am. 

Thank you, Billy. You’re a very brave young man. 

Can I go home now? 

We’ll uh, we’ll need to contact your mother. Seeing as how your father will be staying with us tonight. 


…a long, long time? 


It wasn’t a dog. 

What do you mean Billy. 

In the black car. It wasn’t a dog. It was a woman. 

Tell me what happened Billy. 

It was a woman in the car, she was pretty. It was a woman. She looked kinda like my mom.



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