The seventh month of the Aztec Xiuhpohualli (calendar) was Tecuilhuitontli. This was a time of festival for salt makers and the common people. In comparison to the western calendar, the month covered the dates we know as June 13 through July 2.

The principal gods honored at this time were Xochipilli and Huixtocihuatl. The ruling elite, or Lords of the City, hosted the common peoples at festivals. Concubines of the great Lords were allowed out of their houses to walk the streets with flowers as crowns and strewn through their hair and around their necks. The Great Speaker of Tenochtitlan would preform a public dance and distribute gifts to the people. The salt makers spent ten days during this month dancing in pairs, with each person holding the end of a rope and singing in a high soprano voice. Needless to say, this was a month when a great deal of pulque was consumed.



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