Teclis is a famous character in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe, a setting used for playing table-top games with miniatures. Warhammer, the game itself, is made by Games Workshop, whose other games include Warhammer 40K, Warmaster, Inquisitor and Necromunda.

Anyway, Teclis himself is an interesting fellow. An Elf in the land of Ulthuan, he is brother of the much tougher and more warrior-like Tyrion. Both are descendants of the legendary and more or less omnipotent first Phoenix King Aenarion.

Teclis is widely reckoned to be the most powerful mage in the known world. He bears the golden Mage Crown of Saphery on his forehead (+1 Level), making him more dangerous than any other wizard you are likely to meet. He has The Sword of Teclis (funnily enough), a blade so cutting that it will wound any it touches, without a "to damage" roll required. He also has the Moonstaff of Lileath, a magic item that basically allows him to get up in the mornings. Without its support, he's an weak and sickly young man (though his magical powers are just as strong) who can barely lift his sword. It can also be used as a source of much needed magical power when the winds of magic fade into a breeze.

Teclis' history is illustrious, having defended Ulthuan, the High Elf homeland on numerous occasions. He even travelled to the Old World and, after helping defend the area from the forces of Chaos, founded the Imperial Colleges of Magic.

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