A state of mind that affects many non-technical people. Causes the affected person to place great faith in either technology itself or the people who operate technology

Example: I was asked to troubleshoot a Microsoft Cluster Server this morning. The cluster could not fail over onto one of the nodes. The steps I took to fix this problem:

  1. I attempted to fail over onto the affected node.
  2. When this didn't work, I noted what went wrong.
  3. I checked the NT system event log and noted the error code.
  4. I looked the error code up on google.
  5. I printed out the page that explained the error, and went back to the server room
  6. I fixed the error and rebooted the node.
  7. I ensured that the cluster could fail over properly.

Because of these simple steps, I was treated (albeit briefly) like a God by the managers in charge of my Project.

I cannot explain this.

I would like to hear your thoughts and stories on this...

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