Anything other than money that has been dropped on the floor is quite clearly irresponsible. Think about the vast amount of money that you walk past every day that has been dropped on the floor. There could be literally pennies that you are missing out on every day just because you’ve been too lazy to train your dog to get it for you. Shame on you my friend, shame on you.

In the long run this is better for both you and your dog. Keeping a varied exercise routine for both humans and animals is positive. Just throwing a stick over and over again, or throwing a ball, will bore your dog to tears. And you don’t want to see a dog cry do you? Because, my friend, that is officially classed as animal cruelty and the RSPCA will be around any day to fine you for such vicious behavior to your furry friend.

Your dog will also get an improved immune system out of this venture. You think that your dog just eats random crap off the floor at the moment? You just wait until you’ve trained him in picking up money off the floor. It may contain foreign germs that your dog has never encountered. This type of behavior should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. You don’t want foreign currency, unless it’s notes. You can’t exchange coins. You can’t really do anything with them.

You’ll find this a nice bonus supplementary income. It’s a bit like begging but easier. And your dog does it for you. Everyone likes dogs. If you dog manages to find you one English pound a day. That, using my C grade GCSE in Math’s to work it out, puts you 365 English Pounds up by the end of a normal year. This is more than enough to treat yourself to, well, a large variety of things. In fact, anything that is worth up to 365 English Pounds, 366 on a leap year.

I think by now it is quite clear to everyone that the only thing to do with a dog is to train them to find money for you. I have been training my dog for eight years in this exact field. Which is probably why I haven’t found any money yet. But there is yet hope. Let me know how your dog training goes.

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