I don't know if New Jersey has an official state food, but either way, Taylor Ham should be it. Taylor Ham is sometimes called pork roll, which is the generic name for the product. The more popular name of Taylor Ham derives from the Taylor brand, which is by far the most popular. I am told that people in the south Jersey and Philadelphia areas use the term pork roll more frequently.

Taylor Ham is a fully cooked product made of pork and spices. It generally comes in a log or roll shape, and is normally wrapped in a canvas wrapping. Most people seem to view it as a breakfast food, with Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese being a popular breakfast item at diners. But it is also great when put on top of burgers, or when several slices are put on a roll with cheese to make a Taylor Ham and Cheese sandwich. If you live outside of the New Jersey area, you probably aren't going to find it in supermarkets, but if you do, buy some and try it out. Failing that, there are also a growing number of online Taylor Ham/pork roll stores set up to ship this wonderful food product to exiled New Jerseyans.

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