Tasty Tacos is a fast-food chain located only in Des Moines, Iowa. Tasty's, as afficionados of the chain often call it, is popular in Des Moines to the point of taking on mythic proportions. Even though Tasty's is fast-food, it maintains its notch above your average fast-food joint through low prices and large quantity coupled with high quality. The speciality of the chain is its flour taco which consists of a very thick fried flour tortilla, meat, cheese, and lettuce. This may sound like standard fare, but it is truly special. To top it all off, Tasty's has an outstanding salsa that they make themselves; it is by far the best salsa I have ever had. Tasty Tacos is by no stretch "healthy", but if you find yourself in Des Moines, it is certainly worth a try.

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