This is one of those jello mold dishes you see at your family reunion, and you wonder what the maker was thinking when they made it. I mean, really, cabbage and jello? To be honest, it isn't that bad. The sweet and the tart mix together pretty well, and the vegetables give it an interesting texture.

1 package, lime Jello
1 cup, hot water
1 cup, cold water
1 tablespoon, vinegar
Grate and mix the following:

1/3 cup, cabbage
1/3 cup, celery
1/3 cup, cucumber
1 teaspoon, onion
1 teaspoon, green pepper
1 teaspoon, sweet pickle
salt to taste
dash of paprika

Add Jello to hot water and let dissolve. Add cold water when completely dissolved. Pour seasoned and grated veggies into a molding pan and pour Jello mixture over them. Chill and serve. If desired, garnish with salad dressing and/or sliced, stuffed olives.

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