As if the rest of their discography was not enough, the brilliantly moving and powerful Talkin' Blues, a Bob Marley & the Wailers compilation and perhaps the band's finest album, was released on February 5th, 1991 by Island Records Inc., produced by Chris Blackwell and Hooman Maid. Most of the music appearing on the CD was recorded in 1973 while the band toured America for the first time. The only recordings (non-bootlegged, at least) on that particular tour were from a broadcast for KSAN radio in San Fransisco. Most of the songs on the album feature the original Wailers. And although most of music on the album was recorded in the studio, it is considered live because of the un-mixed and un-doctored condition of the songs.

What makes this album particularly unique is the intermittent "talkin''s." These tracks feature clips of a 1975 rare radio interview with Bob Marley, carried out by Demott Hussey. Among other topics, Marley openly discusses Haile Selassie, the break-up of the original Wailers, and his music and stuggles. The interview clips act as awesome counterpoint to the music and lend this album an profound uniqueness.

Track List:
1. talkin'
2. Talkin' Blues
3. talkin'
4. Burnin' & Lootin'
5. talkin'
6. Kinky Reggae
7. Get Up, Stand Up
8. talkin'
9. Slave Driver
10. talkin'
11. Walk the Proud Land
12. talkin'
13. You Can't Blame the Youth
14. talkin'
15. Rastaman Chant
16. talkin'
17. Am-A-Do<br /> 18. talkin'
19. Bend Down Low
20. talkin'
21. I Shot the Sheriff

"And we still, riding high; yes we still, riding high" -Talking Blues, track 2

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