Tales of Three Hemispheres is a collection of short stories by Lord Dunsany published in 1919. Unlike several other prior collections this takes most of the stories away from the lands of dreams and places them in Africa and Asia and jolly old England. A few of the stories smack of Orientalism especially whenever China shows up but given how fantastical the tales are it's fair to assume these aren't meant to be serious representations. In this the stories resemble Weird Tales stories more than his other works though they remain distinctly Dunsanian in tone and content.

The Last Dream Of Bwona Khubla

How the Office of Postman Fell Vacant In Otford-under-the-Wold

The Prayer Of Boob Aheera

East And West

A Pretty Quarrel

How The Gods Avenged Meoul Ki Ning

The Gift Of The Gods

The Sack Of Emeralds

The Old Brown Coat

An Archive Of The Older Mysteries

A City Of Wonder

Idle Days on the Yann

A Shop In Go-By Street

The Avenger Of Perdóndaris


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