Many subjects in the in the IBO programe has one multiple choice paper as part of the exam. As these are very carefully made, they are a bit harder to figure out (that is without knowing the syllabus) than most multiple choice tests, but some of the same strategies can be used.

1: Go through the paper, answer those you are sure of and eliminate options you know to be wrong. Don't take too long on the first pass. You don't have very much time.

2: Very many questions have two answers that are, when examined, identical or at least very close. In this case, you can eliminate both. For instance, if you get a question about units in physics and one option is N s, while another is kg m s-1, you can easily conclude that both are wrong. Similarily, if lowering taxes and increase governmental spending are two options in economics, neither is correct.

3: For those

a: I only
b: I and II only
c: II and III only
d: I, II and III
questions, it is suprisingly often easy to recognize I as being wrong, thus leaving only option c valid. In most MC tests you could conclude that I was true simply because it was in three of the four options. Don't make that mistake if you want your IBO diploma.

4: Most of the time, there will be approximately the same number of a's, b's, c's and d's among the correct answer. When you have to guess, try to make you results balance.

5: When the invigilator says that there are five minutes left fill in your answers in the answer sheet unless you already have done so. Failure to do so will result in no marks for your exam.

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