TSW also stands for Tiger Sport Wheels, a German company manufacturing magnesium alloy car wheels.

Tiger Sport Wheels began production from a small facility ouside Johannesburg in 1977 producing around 200 wheels a month. Over the years the demand for their products increased to a point where in 1999 they moved into a megaplant with a capacity of 2.5 million wheels a year, utilising the latest technologies.

TSW are one of the leaders in the aftermarket for mags, as well as being the sole suppliers to major manufacturers such as Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Volvo.
The second company to run ITV in the south west of England, after Westward and before Westcountry. TSW won the 1982 franchise round, but took over the franchise a few months before the preset changeover date, as Westward was going bankrupt. In light of this, for the next 10 years TSW acted as "son of Westward", using mostly the same programmes and the same facilities-with one distinct exception.

Just before TSW took over proper, it was decided that while using all of Westwards...everything, it would not use it's symbol. Thus a new logo was constructed with the sole aim of "destroying the Westward galleon", and a very odd logo it was too-there is no single definition of what the hell it's meant to be so I'll leave that to you and Google Images. Accompanying this strange, strange symbol was an ident: oh boy what an ident. Obviously designed by someone on acid and accompanied by a tune known as That's Soul, Write(?), it was technically impressive yet mightily odd. A RealVideo can be found at the bottom of this writeup.

While presentation sanitised after a few years, TSW failed to make much impact on the ITV network (though technically, nobody did outside the big 5). They followed a decidedly different path to their competitors, keeping in vision continuity till the bitter end and their ludicrous symbol with it.

In 1990 it was announced by the ITC that TSW would lose their license to broadcast come 1st January 1993. TSW did not take this lying down and launched a legal battle to halt the franchise loss, however this only made their standing with the regulator worse and they lost. On 1st January at midnight, TSW faded out of existence.

RealVideo Files
http://www.tv-ark.org.uk/itvsouthwest/idents/tsw1982long.rm - that strange ident

http://www.tv-ark.org.uk/itvsouthwest/idents/tswlogointerview.rm < the man responsible for the logo speaks

http://www.tv-ark.org.uk/itvsouthwest/idents/tswclosedown1984.rm - A full closedown with long version of "That's Soul, Write"

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