In 1985, They Might Be Giants assembled this demo tape, as with most demos, in order to get that recording contract that let them get started selling music. They also sold copies of the demo tape at the time. The demo tape was re-released as part of the 1993 offering in the Hello music club.

Most of the tracks on the demo tape were re-recorded and included in the Giants' first two regularly-released albums, They Might Be Giants and Lincoln. The exceptions are the song They Might Be Giants, which appeared on their third album, Flood, and Hell Hotel, which has yet to appear in any other release from TMBG.

Most of the later versions are very similar to the ones on the demo tape, but a little more polished. For instance, the song Boat of Car only differs in some minor harmonic differences and one word, "windows", was changed to "windshield." However, You'll Miss Me is so different as to be an entirely different song, though with many of the same words, and a couple of the others show significant differences.


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