The Sydney Labour and Community Club is a very popular, very cool club in the Australian city of Sydney.

It is on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

The club is basically a large room, with dim lights, cool art on the walls and fantastic music of the down tempo and acid jazz variety.

The Sydney Labour and Community Club is run by two guys named Dom and Chris.

Dom used to run the Cricketers Arms which is also one of Sydneys more famous drinking establishments. The Labour Club has no set dress code, and caters for everything from tracksuits to blacksuites, although there is usually a bit of a fashion school vibe about the place.

The Labour Club is popular with the Twenty Five to Thirty Five crowd, and is generally full of Beautiful People but is not as Pretentious as most clubs.

Beer is relatively cheap compared with most clubs in Sydney.

If your ever in Sydney, check it out.

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