From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 25. Sweetbreads "Dauphin" Fashion

Select good-sized sweetbreads. Pare off the sinews and the fat; throw them into warm water to draw out the blood, and blanch. When thoroughly disgorged, blanch them again a little in boiling water to make them firm, in order to lard them with great facility. As soon as they are larded, rub the inside of a stew-pan all over with butter; cover this with thin slices of fat bacon; lay the sweetbreads on the bacon; sprinkle with salt, and braise them with plenty of red-hot ashes on the top of the pan, and very little fire beneath. When they are of a fine brown, cover them with a round of paper, and lessen the fire on the top. Being large, they will require three quarters of an hour to do. If they are too much done, they become soft, and are not so palatable. When properly cooked, drain them, and place them in a pan with some glaze, and the bacon beneath. Leave them in the glaze till dinner-time; then drain them afresh, and glaze them of a fine brown. Serve them up with sorrel or endive sauce.

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