Two small islands (3 square miles total) in the Caribbean Sea, about 97 miles north of Honduras. The islands were discovered in 1502 by Christopher Columbus on St. Anne's Day, so Columbus named them Islas Santa Ana. The islands were used as a base by pirates up to the 18th century. In 1775 they appeared on a map as Greater Swan and Lesser Swan, together the Swan Islands.

The islands were occupied by the American filibuster and adventurer William Walker in 1860 during one of his attempts to invade Latin America. Following Walker's death in 1861, Honduras took over the islands. In 1863 they were placed under US sovereignty by the Guano Islands Act. The islands have been prized by guano hunters and turtle fishermen since then. As of 1971, the islands are part of Honduras, but the US still operates weather and communication stations there.

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