Located between Marysville and Duncannon, PA. The mascot is the blackhawk, and the school colors are orange and black. These colors are shared by the East Pennsboro Panthers, a rival high school

The student body is rather diverse given the country setting of the school. Graduating classes are usually 100-200 students in size. My class, 1995, was around 120.

For a small school, there was a lot of activities for students to enjoy. Everything from athletics, to community service, to drama. The grades ranged from 8 to 12 back when I was in school. Now, only grades 9 through 12 reside in the halls of SHS.

The building as it stands now was built in 1952. It was built to replace the Marysville and Duncannon high schools. The old Marysville High School is now a Masonic Lodge. The current high school is set on a mountainside and is surrounded by trees. The middle and elementary school are within walking distance, all within a half mile radius.

Athletic programs include football, wrestling, baseball, softball, track and field, basketball, tennis and field hockey. For as far as I can remember, we never really had a decent team in any of those sports. Athletics is not the only thing offered along the lines of activities. Students can participate in band, drama, chess club, chorus and other related activities.

As far as acedemics are concerned, you can follow one of a number of curriculum. I chose the vo-tech route, since that would enable me to get ahead of the game for my career. Business, College Prep, and Academic were the other majors that could be followed.

Currently the 50 year old campus is undergoing construction to update it for now and the future.

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