A book written in 1958 by R.M. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, also known as Bapak, the founder of Subud. As he explains, Susila refers to mans activity in the world, Budhi is the power of God, and Dharma is the attitude of patience, sincerity and submission.

These three words together form the word Subud. Its meaning is that the third of these concepts, the attitude Dharma, allows one to find the second, Budhi, which in turn helps your life in the world, Susila, in accordance with the highest moral principles.

Susila Budhi Dharma, the book, is written as a song and poem in High Javanese. It details how the life forces within and around us, namely the material; vegetable, animal and human life forces affect our psyche. This can be seen as either the whole universe around us being conscious, or else the manner our own consciousness identifies with material things, plants, animals and other humans effects the way we think.

Bapak explains that when hermits and monks, in both the Asian mystical traditions and the Western Christian traditions, isolate themselves in remote places, far away from civilisation, what they are really trying to do is isolate themselves from the life forces, which block the soul from receiving a contact, or grace, from God. This however is not easy as the life forces exist everywhere, including within human beings, and are necessary to sustain life.

He explains that the Latihan Kejiwaan, which he received and passed on to all Subud members, is such a grace or receiving, and that over time all Subud members could receive through the Latihan the truth, or a true understanding, of what he writes in the book.

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