Writer of many Self Help books designed to create and inspire self-confidence and self-esteem. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She has created a website at www.susanjeffers.com, which lists her many books:

  • Dare To Connect
  • End the Struggle and Dance With Life
  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
  • Feel the Fear...and Beyond
  • Freeing Ourselves From The Mad Myths Of Parenthood
  • I'm OKAY...You're A Brat!
  • Losing a Love...Finding a Life
  • Opening Our Hearts to Men
  • The 'Fear-Less' Series - Inner Talk for Peace of Mind
  • The 'Fear-Less' Series - Inner Talk for a Confident Day
  • The 'Fear-Less' Series - Inner Talk for a Love That Works
  • The 'Fear-Less' Series-Inner Talk for a Confident Day, a Love That Works, and Peace of Mind (3-in-one book)
  • The Little Book of Confidence
  • Thoughts of Power and Love

Noder's note: I will hard link to her books as I read, review and node them.

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