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Survivor: Borneo began with the contestants being shipwrecked off of the island of Pulau Tiga, in the South China Sea. From the beginning of the game it was the older Tagi tribe versus the youthful Pagong tribe. While Tagi focused on working hard and building alliances, Pagong had fun and did a lot less work around their camp. After 18 days of competing as separate tribes, the teams merged with even numbers. The merged tribe was known as Rattana and all challenges became individual instead of tribal. Even though they had merged into one tribe, old tribal lines still held. The strategy of the Tagi Alliance slowly whittled the old Pagong members off the island one by one. Aided by Sean's Alphabet Voting Strategy, the Tagi Alliance of Rich, Sue, Kelly and Rudy eliminated all of the old Pagong members, leaving themselves as the final four contestants in the game.

The final episode showed the last three days on the island; cutting the final four contestants down the final two, and then the tension filled final Tribal Council. The final Tribal Council decided who won the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. Kelly, the 22 year old river guide, and Rich, the 39 year old corporate trainer, faced off against a jury composed of the last seven people voted off. Of the millions who watched, few could forget Susan Hawk's speech at the final Tribal Council. Sue broadsided her former ally Kelly, and told the rest of the jury that she would be voting for Rich. Each of the jury members voted and when the votes were tallied, it was Richard who had won 4-3.

Survivor: Borneo averaged 25 million viewers a week and had over 55 million viewers for the final episode. Its success started a new type of TV programming, Reality TV, and its 16 participants became celebrities overnight.

Order of finish:

1. Richard Hatch
2. Kelly Wiglesworth
3. Rudy Boesch
4. Susan Hawk
5. Sean Kenniff
6. Colleen Haskell
7. Gervase Peterson
8. Jenna Lewis
9. Greg Buis
10. Gretchen Cordy
11. Joel Klug
12. Dirk Been
13. Ramona Gray
14. Stacey Stillman
15. B.B. Andersen
16. Sonja Christopher

Tribe Names:

Survivor: Borneo has been released on DVD, containing all of the episodes, extra footage, interviews and commentary. The producer, Mark Burnett, has also released a book giving behind the scenes information.


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