Catch phrase originally brought about by a game show called Family Feud.

Family Feud would poll 100 people on certain questions, and the answers were used on the show. The 100 people would answer a survey, and return their answers. When a contestant would guess popular answers to questions, the host of the show would turn to the game board and (literally) ask what the survey said.

This phrase can be used in just about any situation with a question, and three or more people. To complete the effect, the correct response to the "Survey Says?" question wouldn't be worded - it would actually be onomatopoeia:

"DING!" (yes)
"BZZT!" (no)

(Watchers of Family Feud can actually hear these sounds in their head, and vocalize them properly. The 'Ding' sounds a lot like two iron pans banging together, sort of like a 'Pang!', and the 'Bzzt' is deep, and very nasal.)

You might not want to use this phrase on anyone born after 1986, unless you enjoy it when people look at you like you're insane.

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, I'm astounded that I actually remembered how to spell "onomatopoeia".

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