Superosity is without a doubt one of the most unappreciated online comic strips of our time. It’s published in full color (!) 7 days a week at The strip is written and drawn by Chris Crosby, and digitally colored by Theresa Crosby, Chris' mom (How cute).

It focuses on the adventures of Chris, an idiot who wears a cape for no apparent reason. Maybe it sounds silly (it is), maybe it sounds stupid (it is) but it’s one of only a few things that’s ever been able to get me violently laughing (well, grinning at least) on an even somewhat regular basis. It has been described by some as a cross between Bloom Country and The Simpsons. I don't remember by who, but it happened; trust me: it's out there. Supersoity debuted on March 1st, 1999.

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