Here's season 9 everyone. All in all, I think it was a pretty good one, there's actually 23 episodes this season instead of 22. Probably to make up for wasting an episode on that ill-advised spinoff pilot....


I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here (Episode 1)

Dean tries to find help for Sam, who is in a coma due to the trial effects, and reaches out to the fallen angels and makes a drastic decision regarding Sam's life. Cas, disoriented from being made human, meets one of the fallen angels.

Devil May Care (Episode 2)

In the midst of interrogating Crowley, Sam and Dean are contacted by a newly resurrected Abbadon who has decided to target hunters the boys know. Meanwhile Kevin tries to get Crowley to tell him what happened to his mother.

I'm No Angel (Episode 3)

Cas struggles with being human which is not helped by his homeless status and his limited knowledge of being human. Sam and Dean try to find Cas before a faction of angels can get to him.

Slumber Party (Episode 4)

After discovering the bunker's ancient computer system the boys enlist computer expert Charlie's help and learn about the bunker's very first case which involved...a hunter named Dorthy and the land of Oz?

Dog Dean Afternoon (Episode 5)

A taxidermist's bizarre death draws the boys a small town and the only witness is the man's dog so Sam and Dean use a spell to communicate with him, a spell with unexpect side effects.

Heaven Can't Wait (Episode 6)

Cas has settled into a small town after being told he can't stay in the bunker and seems to be adjusting, until depressed citizens start getting vaporized and he must call Dean for help. Sam and Kevin attempt to get Crowley to translate some parts of the Angel Tablet and discover something interesting about the King of Hell along the way.

Bad Boys (Episode 7)

Dean gets a phone call from an old friend who believes there's something going on at the boys home he runs. Sam learns that his father left Dean at the boys home on purpose but never told him and suspects Dean may have enjoyed his time there.

Rock and a Hard Place (Episode 8)

Fire and kidnapped virgins? Sounds like a dragon to Dean and Sam but in order to investigate they must go undercover in a born-again virgin support group. (Dean Winchester....a born-again virign....feel free to laugh, I know I did.)

Holy Hell (Episode 9)

While investigating the aftermath of a battle between the angel factions, the guys run into Cas. After being captured by one of the factions, Cas discovers the angel who is possesing Sam has lied. This causes Dean to face the consequences of his actions regarding Sam's health, consequences that not only affect his brother but leads to the death of one of their own.

Road Trip (Episode 10)

In the aftermath of Kevin's death and Ezekiel's betrayal, Dean and Cas try to locate the angel possessing Sam's body but in order to do this they must turn to Crowley for assistance.

First Born (Episode 11)

Crowley approaches Dean with a proposition: join together to find the mythical First Blade so they can kill Abbadon but in doing so they must deal with Cain, the father of murder. Back at the bunker Cas continues to heal the remainder of Sam's trial injuries.

Sharp Teeth (Episode 12)

Despite deciding to not work together anymore, Sam and Dean meet while trying to puzzle out why their hunter friend Garth has suddenly appeared after being off the radar for almost a year and what the deal is with Garth's new family.

The Purge (Episode 13)

Overweight citizens are being liposuctioned to death so the boys go undercover at a premier health spa that seems to be behind the deaths.

Captives (Episode 14)

The bunker is playing host to Kevin's ghost who is trapped inbetween worlds because the gates of Heaven are sealed. Kevin tells the guys he's heard rumors about his mother's whereabouts and asks them to investigate.

#THINMAN (Episode 17)

A girl is murdered in a locked room and a photo shows a sinister figure lurking in the background moments before she dies. While Sam and Dean are looking into the case, they encounter some annoyances from their past.

Blade Runners (Episode 16)

Crowley's addiction to human blood causes him to be betrayed to Abbadon. After calling Sam and Dean, he and the boys try to locate the First Blade before Abbadon can and the search leads to an ex-member of the Men of Letters.

Mother's Little Helper (Episode 17)

Sam sets off to look into a series of murders where the killer was normal on minute and dangerously violent the next and encounters a ex-nun who claims the demons are behind the people's sudden change. Meanwhile Dean continues to obsessively search for Abbadon.

Meta Fiction (Episode 18)

While tracing a spell that has been luring in angels so that Gadreel can kill those who won't join Metatron, Cas encounters someone who was thought to be dead. Sam and Dean finally catch Gadreel and try to force him to reveal Metatron's secrets.

Alex Annie Alexis Ann (Episode 19)

Sheriff Mills calls the guys asking for help with sorting out why a group of vampires would be so desperate to get a runaway girl back. Sam starts to notice a frightening change in Dean's behavior and suspects the Mark of Cain is to blame.

Bloodlines (Episode 20)

Note: This episode was supposed to be a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series and didn't do so well so honestly you could skip this episode and not miss a thing.

A young man discovers that not only are there things that go bump in the night but also that Chicago is ruled by five monster families (not too bad of an idea but very very poorly executed). While doing his own investigating he runs into our favorite hunters, Sam and Dean (who are seriously only in this episode for, like 5 minutes in total.) 

King of the Damned (Episode 21)

Cas asks Dean and Sam for help with interrogating one of Metatron's followers for information about the portal to Heaven. While they are doing that, Cas tries to convince Gadreel to change sides. Also Abbadon uses Crowley's humanity, brought on by his addiction to human blood, to pressure him into leading the boys into a trap.

Stairway to Heaven (Episode 22)

Angels following Cas start turning themselves into suicide bombers saying they are doing this under Castiel's orders. While Dean stays behind to interrogate a captured bomber, Sam and Cas go to find a missing angel who may be involved. Revalations about Metatron's strategies cause Gadreel to contemplate his loyalties.

Do You Believe in Miracles (Episode 23)

So much goes on in this episode that is spoiler-y but sufficed to say, the big fight against Metatron goes down and there is a major casualty. Also the last five seconds proves, once again, the folks at Supernatural know how to do an amazing cliffhanger. (Fall is way too far away...)

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