This word is used frequently in product descriptions and on the packaging of foodstuffs in India, for example Thin Arrowroot Biscuits, to be eaten in cases of diarrhoea. In true eclectic style, travellers in the subcontinent have been known to apply the adjective to particularly good quality Charras (Indian hashish) or grass. Another appropriate usage was when I passed my first firm stool on arrival back from India, it took about two months off spicy food before my bowels were restored to function, but the wait was well worth it..."ahhh superfine !" I breathed with relief.

Su"per*fine (?), a.


Very fine, or most fine; being of surpassing fineness; of extra nice or fine quality; as, superfine cloth.


Excessively fine; too nice; over particular; as, superfine distinctions; superfine tastes.


© Webster 1913.

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