I think kenata's idea of Super Karate Monkey Death Fighters is a great idea. So great, it should have it's own movie. Think about it:
  • Monkeys are an often over used comic relief device used in many movies and TV shows. Over used, yes--but usually successful.
  • People love funny animal films.
  • Seeing monkeys wearing karate uniforms or kung-fu suits would make me laugh.
  • Martial art films usually draw large profits.

In the film Jackie Chan is a good willed man who can communicate with monkeys. Not all animals, like Dr. Doolittle; only monkeys. So he trains them in martial arts so that they can help him fight crime. And Jackie's monkeys also learn to be charismatic and quick witted; his top two karate monkeys will be voiced by Chris Rock and Adam Sandler--but only Jackie and other monkeys (and the audience) can understand them.

However, an evil man who is running an arms smuggling ring, also trains monkeys to help him in his illegal practices. Jackie and company get mixed up in it, and then try to stop the guns from getting into the hands of New York street gang members.

Plus, maybe we can get Yuen Woo Ping to do the fight choreography. Think: Jackie Chan, Woo Ping, and monkeys--oh, and a techno soundrack. It's a sure-fire recipe for success.

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