A super candle is a terrific pyro toy that my assistant scoutmaster from years ago taught me to make.

Take a normal can of soda or beer; empty it in whatever manner most convenient. (drinking is recommended)
Cut it in half, and discard the upper half, or use it in one of those worthless, stupid pieces of americana shit: the beer can airplane.
Melt wax in the can. Continue doing so until you feel it is full enough. Using a regular candle or a campfire makes this much easier than a lighter, moron.
Add a piece of rope, for wick. (not nylon, genius -- something that will burn, twine works best)
Light the wick, and let sit, and burn. Eventually the wick isn't the only thing burning. The wax will begin burning, because the entire candle and can have raised temperature to roughly the boiling point of the wax.

After the wax is this hot, the fun begins...

Drop 1 single drop of water into it. It hits the candle and flame erupts in the coolest fashion. Try a little more water. If you can get about a beer cap full of water into it, all at once it will have a huge nuclear-like mushroom of flame. A small stream of water will result in a large pillar of flame. Experiment with other liquids and solids.

Fun for the whole family -- a few warnings.

Don't touch the can with your hands, if you don't understand why, you deserve to sear off your flesh.
Don't stand too close, and don't throw things in it while people are closer than 3 feet, or so.
Don't put too much water in at once without being ready to run, the wax will flow out, flaming... Same basic effect of a grease fire.
Have something to smother it out with. A larger can, bucket, or similar object. Don't use something of value.

Enjoy. Next time you go camping, take along some old candles, or buy some wax at the local drug/grocery store.

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