Move aside,
and let the man go through.
Let the man go through.

If I stole
Somebody else's wave
To fly up.

If I rose
Up with the avenue
Behind me.

Some kind of verb.
Some kind of moving thing.
Something unseen.
Some hand is motioning
to rise, to rise, to rise.

Too fat, fat you must cut lean.
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine,
Chump, change, and it's on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon.
And by
The phone
I live
In fear
Sheer Chance
Will draw
You in
To here.

So, what does it mean?

I was listening to Craig Mack a lot and had managed to approximate his mushmouthed, offbeat kind of lyrical flow, and basically I spent a whole day walking around, like for instance if I went to the Thai Food place in my neighborhood, I'd be going "I'm gonna get Pad Thai! I'm...gonna...GET...Pad Thai! I'm gonna! Get Pad Thai!" and so on. I took the C train into Manhattan, got off at the Chambers St. station, and there was a sign reading "Take Elevator to Mezzanine."

Try singing the chorus in a Craig Mack imitation. Uncanny, huh? There's this song on his new record where he goes "MC's quit jockin my style...M...C's...quit...jockin' my style..." and I was stunned to realize it was me he was talking about.

The Super Bon Bon bit was this Italian candy bar that I saw at a truckstop on a European tour. I was a little high at the time. I just kept repeating Super Bon Bon, Super Bon Bon, amazed at the number of possible variations in a candy bar name. Super Bon Bon became a pet name for a woman I was seeing at the time, and thus the gap between the terrified-of-the-phone verse and the seemingly light chorus.

You will go back to Irresistable Bliss.

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