Boy George, the cross dressing icon of the 1980s club scene, and well known for his group Culture Club, will be formally honored by the City of Pittsburgh on October 1st 2000, who recently declared it to be "Boy George Tribute Day".

City Council Resolution 901 - unanimously approved, by the way - names Boy George as an "honorary Pitttsburgher".

While putting the resolution forth for vote before the entire city council, Councilman Jim Ferlo - who sponsored the bill - sang the several verses from "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?".

In a surprising development, the pop star will NOT be granted special rights, such as "The Power to Make Citizens Arrests", nor will he be given keys to the city. I think they are dissing him here, but thats only my opinion.

Councilman Ferlo vigorously denied rumors that he was next planning to declare an official day honoring "Flock of Seagulls", another 1980s pop group.

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