Brantford, Ontario, is a small town. Its population is about 80,000 people (82,001 according to our favourite entrance sign). You, being a resident of said small town, are being given these directions for personal use. The creators fo Sunday Night Movie Night take no responsibility of your being unable to complete or maximize the funinity of this operation.

Background/Opening Arguments/History
Accept these fundamental truths before proceeding.

1. Brantford's downtown has been voted the shittest downtown in Ontario by several groups.
2. The only theatre in Brantford is consistently filled with 12 year olds who scream too loud.
3. Literature is an important commodity.
4. There are no small independent bookstores in the area.
5. McDonald's is hazardous. Wendy's is king.
6. You all have vehicles, and are between 16 and 20.
7. All of your friends taking part in this are part of the group, that is, the usual people you hang out with together.

Optional Step 1. Have dinner with the group at Pizza Hut. It is possible to drink underage here if the majority of your party is legal. Just don't order the first couple of times your group goes in, and after the majority orders several times, they'll stop asking for ID. This is when you can now start ordering, and they'll remember you and think they've served you already.
2. Never choose the movie before hand. Just go.
3. Get to the Ancaster SilverCity around 8. Look at the movies, make a choice. Buy your tickets.
4. Go to Chapters beside the SilverCity. Peruse books. Purchase books. A great idea is to make a theme week (ie Eastern Religion, Bad Horror, Books You Might Hate, etc.) After the purchase, retire to the nice sofas to read your books while talking about what you read the week before.
5. Go to SilverCity. Walk in. Buy Nachos with Cheese. Sneak your own pop in.
6. After the movie, stop at Wendy's. Eat a little, have a coffee at the neighbouring Tim Horton's.
7. Go home. Tomorrow, you return to *shudder* high school.

You may not participate if:
1. You are not currently in High School or a recent graduate. (unless you're Rob)
2. You keep trying to select action movies. Action movies are banned from Sunday Night Movie Night.
3. You are female. You must be invited by the guys, regardless of social standing within group. This allows guys to believe they have a date.

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