Quite possibly the most "31337" toaster ever produced. Allow me to explain:

    For a long time I had what I now call an analog toaster. It was cheap and easy: Put crap in slots, push lever down and hope it doesn't burn. There was a little dial on the side, to my best guess it was attached to a random number generator which set the burn depth. Recently, this old comrade fell in the field. Out cold.

Fade to Wal-mart superstore
    Still mourning the loss of my longtime companion, I proceed to check out the goods. "Nothing will ever compare, even it it was plain" thought I... until I saw her. The Sunbeam GoldToast, in its rubenesqe glory, slots wide open in anticipation, yearning to heat some buns.
"Sure, she is a beauty, but she can't be smart!" This toaster has a goddamn cancel button. A soft-tough, rubberized cancel button that smoothly ejects your toast. Aside from that, it has fellow rubberized (and LED'd) buttons that set the heating temp to suit "Frozen," "Bagel" and "Pastry". Since its inception, it has yet to burn any of the above, or regular toast (unless I were to abuse the soft-glide dial.)

All this extasy for only $25

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