It's been hot. I've been thinking about earlier this year, as in Quiet before the storm/March 2016. And yeah, as clockwork magic, my mother is popping back up out of the box. The redundancy is odd, but expected. One day this game will be over, but the interlude will only be the quiteness of death, and I will have to carry that until I too give in and fade. What comes next nobody knows with certainty, maybe then she will find peace and I will find her and we can be at peace together with the universal noise and silence.

Some people will be hearing from me soon, I promised that. I've simply been drowning in moving houses and the irritating task of renovating. I am done with that. I am done with feeling tired. All I want is to be picking berries in my garden and paint. For the first six months of the year, I got nothing done creatively, and I now need to catch up on projects, painting large size canvases, painting small wooden boxes, making quirky upcycled hipster jewelry, folding clay in my hands into tiny animal brooches which I will paint and varnish. My heart is simple, I want life to be simple. I want to be quiet and happy.

Sun is shining. Going to dance in the sunlight.

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