Sukyo Mahikari is a Japanese cult, founded by Japanese militarists in the wake of World War II. Its members have adopted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as their blueprint for Japanese world domination. They believe that they are the "new Jews" and that, if they follow the formula set forth in the Protocols, the Japanese emperor will become the new King of the World.

Recently an ex-member named Garry Greenwood, who was once a high ranking official within Mahikari, managed to flee the cult and has documented his experience and the cult's plans in a book entitled, All The Emperor's Men. He also wrote an expose for the Fortean Times issue 154. Some older texts about the cult lack Greenwood's revelations.

Some of their beliefs are merely silly. For example, the cult teaches that Jesus Christ went to Japan after escaping the crucifixion. When there, he married and died at the ripe old age of one hundred and six. (To be cynical, I might suggest that this started the long tradition of Jewish guys marrying Japanese women.) The Ark of the Covenant and the original tablets bearing the Ten Commandments are apparently under the cult's control in Japan as well.

Less amusingly, the religion was founded by Yashikazu Okada, who was a high ranking military officer involved in the 'Rape Of Nanking' in World War II. His troops were involved in many documented murders and rapes. The teachings of Sukyo Mahikari seem to come from melding an old-fashioned worship of the imperior emperor with those of an older Japanese cult called Sekai Kyusei Kyo or Church Of World Messianity, which had been founded by an unrelated man named Mokichi Okada. Apparently, Yoshikazu Okada had been a minister in this older organisation but had been sacked for sexually assaulting a female member of the congregation.

Greenwood reports that some of what he and other advanced members studied at the cult's special training school in Japan was taken directly from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols repeatedly refer to a character who will rise up in a degenerate world and obtain world supremacy using the Star of David as his symbol as bequeathed by God. He will be assisted in his quest by the 'chosen people.' The Star of David is the Sukyo Mahikari symbol and is emblazoned upon their temple and on Yashikazu Okada's memorial tombstone, which is a forty-five metre tall, five-tiered pyramid.

Sukyo Mahikari has members around the world.

Fortean Times issue 154

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