Sugamo Prison was built in the 1920's for political prisoners, using the prisons of Europe as a model. It was located in the city of Ikebukuro, which is now a ward of Tokyo. During World War II, many communists and other dissenters were incarcerated at Sugamo.

After Japan's surrender, the US Eighth Army commissioned Sugamo to house Japan's war criminals as they awaited trial before the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Hideki Tojo, Tokyo Rose, and others were held there. While the prison was operated by Japanese personnel, American GI's oversaw the operation.

In 1971, with all of Japan's war criminals either dead or on parole, Sugamo Prison was demolished, and the tallest building in Tokyo, Sunshine 60, was built on its place. All that is left on the grounds of Sugamo is a rock, in the shadow of Sunshine 60, that says "Pray for eternal peace."

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