Suck it in

You know some days, I'm okay with my being. I'm only slightly overweight. In general when I look in the mirror I don't look away in disgust. But some days..I feel so fat and ugly. It seems that I'm getting more of the latter nowadays.
This is a work in progress, but it's basically there already.
today wasn't one of them days
where you look in the mirror
andthink to yourself that;
"dude, you're fat"
infact it was a "normal" day

but sure enough
the trip home changed all that
didn't it?

why do you fake it?
the moment you see a girl on the train 
heck she's not even looking at you fool.

that automatic reaction kicks in 
like a doc martin boot. 

suck it in
tuck it in
that gut of yours
coz I can see it

they can see your gut
from across the otherside of the train
whether it's full frontal or side profile
you still look vile.

        jeez, your gut sticks out
                must be in the final tri-mester
                        of your pregnancy!

        jeez, your love handles are hanging out
                they ain't so lovely
                        rather sickening infact

        jeez, your man boobs are poking out
                go get a bra already
                        fucking unter mensch

a lard ass like you
should wear something baggy
you saggy ass fool
here wear this sackcloth

suck it in
tuck it in
that gut of yours
coz I can see it

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