Lately, I've noticed more and more commercials for prescription medicines. I find the lists of possible side effects that they put at the end of the commercials that make the medicine sound really REALLY scary. One thing you'll never ever see is a medicine for stupidity.

There's lots of stupid stupid people running about this world, but I've never seen the opportunity for help for these people. Is it possible that there is actually no medicine for stupidity? Are the stupid people out of luck? I have trouble believing something like that... I mean, think about it. They have medicines for things that don't even exist, so you know there's gotta be medicine for something as prevelent as stupidity. It must be a government conspiracy that we haven't heard anything about such a drug. I think we should use the type of commericals that I talked about earlier to spread the word of an anti-stupid pill. I can see it now...

"Do you ever ponder about things such as pencils? Or perhaps the color mauve? Do you find yourself tripping over things such as stripes or maybe clouds? Is your name Pauly Shore? You could be stupid. Don't be alarmed... you're not alone: studies show that over half the world's population is stupid. But there is help... there is Stupacil™. If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, consider asking your doctor about Stupacil™. Stupacil™ works with your body, destroying cells known as 'stupagens'. As 'stupagens' are destroyed, stupidity gradually fades away. Stupacil™ isn't for everyone. It should not be taken by people with any serious intelligence, and those with pride should also avoid taking Stupacil™. Stupacil™ is also know to have dramatic effects on the severely stupid, and should not be taken if whining is expected to ensue. Stapcil™ will not make you smarter, just less stupid, so be sure to read all labels before taking Stupacil™. Be sure to ask your doctor about Stupacil™, because chances are that he/she is less stupid than you. Stupacil™: You're dumb. We can help."

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