Probably one of my favorite games. Released on the C64 and Amiga computers (and more ??). The purpose of the game is to race against one opponent (the computer or another player linked with a serial cable) on a track raised between 2 and about 50 metres above the ground. If you practice for a while the game gets easy, but the difficult part is not to fall of the track. It takes so much time to get you on it, that the opponent has a sure win. I just hoped Geoff Crammond (the author) did a remake.

The Commodore 64 version actually ran with a slightly higher framerate than the Amiga version. Naturally it was graphically inferior, but it was still a small piece of ammunition for those of us who couldn't afford to upgrade to an Amiga.

On the flipside, the Superleague (attained after you completed all the tracks in the 'normal' league) was much harder in the Commodore 64 version, and I never did defeat it. My Amiga owning friend also failed on my Commodore 64, although he was successful on his Amiga version.

On either platform, an enourmously fun game, with a clever element of strategy. Pushing your car to the limit would gradually damage it, signified by a crack moving along your rollbar. Major damage would result in a hole, which moved the crack along much faster (holes were also preserved across racing sessions).

Geoff Crammond was one of the few coders who cared enough about multiplayer gaming to add features like key assignments that were preserved for different players, and high score tables that could be easily combined into one big file for playoffs with your friends.

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