On NBC's Ed, main character Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanaugh) buys the local bowling alley Stuckeybowl when he moves back home to Stuckeyville. Employed at Stuckeybowl are Phil Stubbs (Michael Ian Black), Shirley (Rachel Cronin), and Kenny (Mike Starr), all three of whom are quite eccentric, as Ed soon discovers.

In nearly every episode, Phil enacts some scheme either to endeavour to make more money (for himself or the bowling alley), or to annoy the hell out of Ed. From his "Happy Days" bowling night, where the promised actual cast of the show was instead a group of bad impressionists, to his failed attempts at an open-mike night at the bowling alley, to "extreme bowling," Phil takes stupidity and hilarity to a new level.

As Shirley, Rachel Cronin is also quite hilarious, with her simple, direct delivery of lines and her own subdued sense of humor. Mike Starr is just as amusing, in his own dead-pan and unconventional style.

In one episode (1.25, Mind Over Matter), Ed lobbies for landmark status for Stuckeybowl. He is worried that the bowling alley might not last longer than him, and wants it to remain a public recreational center forever. He finally succeeds, and Stuckeybowl now holds landmark status.

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