Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is located around 10 miles west of the Deleware Water Gap. A town that used to be tolerable, now has succumbed to tourist infestation and become a town whose main street has been overcome with art galleries, antique shops, and other useless crap. Navigating a vehicle through the streets is next to impossible, due to the amount of tourist traffic and a horrible traffic pattern. Very few elements of the original Stroudsburg remain, those elements that included places the average joe could go and get a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, and not wonder why his town was being beaten into the ground by pompous and egotistical facade maintainence and artsy-fartsy brouhaha. Where there were once clubs for those under 18, there are now nothing. Instead of hearing live music, the teens of Stroudsburg wander the streets, vandalizing, smoking dope, and wasting away their lives, because there is nowhere to go. Nothing to do. In the effort to make Stroudsburg beautiful and appealing to rich tourists, the local government has screwed itself over, creating more problems than it has solved. Quaint. Picturesque. Filled with nothing but a sense of ennui.

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