Strongheart are a hard rock band originally from Los Angeles, where they formed in 1988. They later moved to Sheffield, England, where they can be often heard doing their thing at The Boardwalk pub/rock venue. Their set usually comprises of their own material, covers ranging from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters and a blistering drum solo from Bobby somwhere along the way...

Strongheart are currently:
Wilbur Hess - Vocals & Guitars
Chris McMahon - Bass & Keyboards
Bobby Arechiga - Drums
Releases to date:
Kids Are Wired
Smooth As Silk

Copies of their albums arent the easiest to get hold of, but can usually be bought at gigs from the band themselves (they're always up for a chat after the show), or from the merchandise section of the website.

Chirs McMahon also plays with Von Daniken, Haze and World Turtle, often all in the same evening.

Strongheart can be found at -

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