String and Broken Velcro

String and Broken Velcro is a small scale online audio project being conducted by Scunner and Duncoffin. The idea started with a simple podcast entitled 'Scunner and Duncoffin's random ramblings and rants'. Six episodes of this non-scripted experiment ran before the presenters decided to bring things to a end. Essentially they ran out of things to rant about. Each episode ended up on a similar topic and theme.

A new direction was needed for this comedy duo. The logical progression called for a scripted show. String and Broken Velcro was born. Mostly planned and written in the local pub, Scunner and Duncoffin committed some ideas to paper. Originally, the show was going to be visual, but later it was decided to postpone this and just do a audio based version first. Mainly because it would be easier to produce and distribute. Possible ideas of an animated series based on the soundtrack have been raised and are possible indeed.

Thus far, 5 episodes have been written and 2 have been recorded. With a cast of four people voicing everyone, the studio has been mad at times. The first episode to be released will be 'Episode 3: The Quest for the Questionable Quim of the Anti-West'. Clearly, a surreal story line is involved and high comedy will be found within. This should be released in two weeks time on itunes. Editing and adding of sound effects takes more time than was predicted.

The cast include Sim, Scunner, Blondie and Duncoffin. Each episode has its own character list so an overall on can't be listed here.

A website with more information will be posted here when episode three is out.

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