is, in essential concept, much like Am I Hot Or Not?. It works like this: you are presented with a pair of pictures of registered users of the site. You vote on which one you would like to sleep with.

Culturally, this is much like Am I Hot Or Not?; I won't bother repeating what I've already written there on how to win. Being young, skinny, blonde, and as naked as possible is a bsic summary of the requirements.

Where this really sinks to a new low is in how the victims are rated. Ratings consist of a short, frat-boy style phrase, apparently assigned on the ratio of the number of 'wins' and 'losses'. Losers get such wonderful epithets as 'virgin for life', 'You put the STY in NASTY', and the like, while winners get equally tasteless morsels such as 'Shake that thang!' and 'Magically Delicious'. It also begs the question -- why would I want to fuck anyone who would put themselves on a site like this?

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