Also called Riki-Oh, Lik Wong, and others.

Quite possibly the goriest and silliest martial arts movie ever made. Troma wishes they had thought of this one. It takes place in the near future, when capitalism runs rampant and even prisons are corporately owned. Riki, a young man who is superhumanly strong for no particular reason other than his being the main character in a bad martial arts film, is imprisoned for killing the men who killed his girlfriend. He sees all the cruelty and corruption around him and, being the badass with the heart of gold that he is, decides to kick some ass. He eventually has to defeat the Gang of Four who run the prison, and in the end, the Warden himself. Memorable moments include:

  • A flashback in which Riki's uncle throws gravestones for Riki to smash in midair
  • A guard attempting to strangle Riki with his own (the guard's) intestine
  • The girlfriend's death scene: a mannequin dropped from a rooftop
  • Eviscerations galore.

Great fun. Hard to find in the US, but well worth it.

Written and directed by Ngai Kai Lam and starring Siu-Wong Fan as Riki/Ricky.

One of the corniest, cheesiest, dumbest films ever made. It is an extremely gorey kung-fu flick, but done with extremely poor and amazingly stupid special effects, such as crushing a guy's styrofoam head, carbodard manhole covers shooting off the ground, and a man crumbling a 2 story brick wall with a single punch to the cardboard.

The most famous scene is the head-crushing, which used to be seen on the Daily Show with Craig Kilborne during 5-questions. See here:

It was never rated in America, but it would either be R or NC-17.

Some of the most memorable lines:

"They gave me 30 pounds of rice to cut you up, turn you into mince meat, and put you in a pie..."

"Oscar has shown his he must kill!!!!"

"Ricky, I am your uncle. I have known you since your were 7 or 8 years old, when you possessed superhuman strength. Do you still possess your super human strength?"

"Chi Cong feeds on strength!!!!!"

"I have hit you in your death spot..soon you will die"

"His style of Kung Fu is unorthodox...I do not think I can defeat him..."

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The Characters:

  • Ricky - Young man sentenced to prison for killing a opium dealer. (Who was responsible for Ying's death.)
  • The Warden - Evil controller of the prison, he carries a pistol which makes people explode and seems to be a demon too. Turned into ground beef (literally) by Ricky.
  • The Assistant Warden - Fat and mean henchman with a glass eye and hook hand. Explodes after being shot by the Warden.
  • Huang Chan - Very deadly at martial arts and a gang boss, he is awfully feminine though. Ricky rips off or breaks all his limbs.
  • Taizan - Huge gang boss who can crush a man's skull. (see below!) Mashed under a hydraulic press after Ricky cripples him.
  • Shorty - Little gang boss who uses large spikes attached to elastic bands. Shot in the ass and explodes.
  • Hai - Tattoo-wearing gang boss. Ricky punches his skull in.
  • Wild Cat, Fink, and Elephant - Bullies of the cell block. Ricky punches through Elephant and Wild Cat, he only knocks the top off of Fink's head.

The Plot:

THIS IS THE MOTHER OF ALL GORY FU FLICKS! Plainly amazing, we're talking heads punched in half, guys using their intestines (hanging out of their body cavity) to strangle Ricky, people exploding, and internal organs flying all over the place. Ricky arrives in prison after killing a opium dealer, the guy had kidnapped his girlfriend and she ran off the side of a building to get away. (I never said she was intelligent.) The prison is run by a evil Warden (Away on vacation when the film begins.), his assistant, and "The Gang of Four." This gang is a group of powerful fighters who rule the inmates through fear. Now Ricky doesn't take kindly to their ways, fighting and killing Hai in a brutal exchange where Ricky must tie his severed tendons back together. After that the other three show up and gratuitously slaughter a few prisoners, here is the legendary "Head Crush" scene you've seen on "The Daily Show" by the way, until Ricky backs down. Pretty soon the young warrior learns they are growing poppy in the prison, he sets fire to the crop and things really take off. The Warden returns and is quite angry about the uprising. Ricky kills the remainder of "The Gang of Four" and faces off against him, finally tossing the monster into a meat grinding machine! I can't say enough about the crazy number of body parts being mashed, at one point Ricky punches through the bottom of Taizan's jaw and out his mouth! On a "that is way nasty" note, the Assistant Warden keeps mints in his glass eye - it's hollow. If you are of the hardy sort, YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM!

Things I learned from this movie:

Stuff to watch For:

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