Steve Ross was a co-founder of TimeWarner Inc, the world's largest media conglomorate. Ross was born poor but eventually married into a family business. This business was a parking lot business. He became friends with the family and rose in rank and merged the company with several other companies including a rental car business, cleaning business, and construction business, among others.

After Ross had became co-CEO and amassed funds he bought Warner Inc. He quit his current position and split Warner from the other family businesses. He then became President and CEO of Warner Inc. Eventually the family was out of it and he seperated from his wife. A few years later he merged with Time and became TimeWarner Inc.

Steve Ross was known to be able to forsee into the future of his company and of the industry. He was a "people person" and socialized a lot. He liked to live lavishly and spend his money. Every executive in his company had a limosine, or sports car of their own, and he had multiple company jets at his disposal even during the early days of his business. He also enjoyed humor, and even hired people that many considered to be his personal jesters, no more. He gave his employees many benefits, large pay, and big bonuses. His popularity as a CEO is only second to the head of General Electric.

Now, TimeWarner is the largest media business and owns movies, magazines, television (cable), and RoadRunner (cable internet), among others.

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