Isn't it funny when you hear a name on the radio or TV and it's someone you knew from a long time ago? Your ears perk up and you think, "This can't be the guy/gal I used to know!" Well, it wasn't, in this case.

The Steve Richardson I used to know was a guitar playing carpenter from Virginia. The one I heard about on the radio this morning was the creator and owner of a company which puts out something called Stave Puzzles.

Apparently, these are like jigsaw puzzles, but cut out of wood and incredibly difficult. I guess part of the difficulty lies in the fact that the blue box they come in has no picture on the front. They sell for upwards in the thousands of dollars, with different degrees of difficulty indicated by the number of lightning bolts on the front of the box. You cannot buy a 5 bolt puzzle until you prove you've solved a 4 bolter.

I've never seen one of these, but I'd love to hear from someone who has.

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