Steve Keene is a Brooklyn, NY based painter who bills himself as "America's most prolific artist." He paints hundreds of copies of the same image on plywood instead of canvas and sells his work for $8 - $12. In some cases, he sells it for much less.

Keene is interested more in recreating each image perfectly than producing "high quality" paintings. His work is more or less just a splattering of bright color producing crude renderings of his subjects -- cityscapes, people, album covers found at thrift stores, etc.

At gallery shows, Keene sells his work straight off the wall. Hundreds of his paintings are displayed at once, many of them duplicates.

The artist maintains a website: where visitors can buy his art. The only choice option they have is size -- Keene decides which pieces get sent.

Keene has joked in interviews that people trade his art like bubblegum cards.

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